Rapper sentenced for rape and torture


The British rapper known as DVS has been sentenced to 23-years in prison, for the rape and torture of a woman in 2016.

DVS, real name Courtney Hutchinson, kept a woman prisoner for three days in February last year, and officers say the severe level of violence demonstrated Hutchinson’s “total disregard for the victim as a human being”.

Hutchinson will also remain on the sex offenders register for life.

He is best known for the songs Hometown and Passion.

According to the Guardian, Hutchinson branded his victim with a hot iron and beat her severely. The 20-year old woman suffered a fractured eye socket, broken nose, internal bleeding, a dislocated shoulder and a stab wound to the hand.

She escaped her captor and ran into the street, naked.

She was rushed to the Royal London hospital.

Judge John Lafferty said Hutchinson “posed a serious threat to members of the public”.

Detective Sergeant Jimi Tele, from Newham police said; “bravery and determination” in reporting her ordeal to the police. “Her resoluteness in coming forward and working with the police in securing the imprisonment of a truly dangerous offender is worthy of the highest recognition,” he said.

“Courtney Hutchinson subjected his victim to the most shocking and repeated levels of violence. It was her determination, in company with the skill of the investigation team, that allowed the full severity of the attack to be revealed and that ultimately led to Hutchinson’s arrest and conviction.

“The level of violence he inflicted was so severe it demonstrated his total disregard for the victim as a human being, subjecting her to levels of callousness and danger that are rarely seen.”

According to BBC, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard that during the three days he dragged the victim around the flat by her hair, whipped her repeatedly with a phone charger cable and made her put her hands behind her back while he punched her in the face and throat.