The 2017 school year begins


The 2017 school year started countrywide on Wednesday morning, with millions of pupils flooding back to school.

In the Western Cape, more than one million children were expected to begin the new academic year. The province saw three new schools, six replacement schools, 179 additional classrooms, and 119 mobile classrooms added to the current scholastic infrastructure.

The province’s Education MEC, Debbie Schafer, assured parents that the majority of preparations for the new year had been completed by the end of 2016, and that officials had been working nonstop to accommodate late enrolments and those who had not yet been placed.

The Gauteng Education Department announced that 58 000 pupils were still awaiting placement by Monday.

Department spokesperson Oupa Bodibe said that they had received a large number of late applications, even though the application process had been open between April and June and then June to November last year.

About 130 000 pupils in Grade 1 and 103 000 pupils in Grade 8 had been placed.