Western Cape needs teaching budget


According to Western Cape Education Department (WCED), provisions for new teachers have not been made, regardless of the excess of 20,000 in the Western Cape.

There have been no recent vacancies for teachers at Western Cape schools, and some teachers’ unions say they remain seriously concerned about the quality of education they’ll receive, EWN reports.

The new academic year has started on Wednesday.

There is currently one teacher to every 36 learners in the province.

The South African Teachers Union’s Morne Janson says; “So you will be sitting with educators who will be teaching foundation phase with up to 50 or 60 learners in a class.”

South African Democratic Teachers Union provincial secretary Jonavan Rustin says; “The net result will be a huge disparity in class size and schools.”

Schools in poor areas are expected to suffer the most from the shortage of educators.