Skeem Saam star in maintenance battle with ex-lover


Skeem Saam star Patrick Seleka is being taken to court, for failing to honour maintenance commitments.

The woman taking him to court is Lisa Tomson, a former partner, who admits she is daunted by the prospect of having to take him on in the courts.

However, she insists it is something she had to do, for the sake of the child they allegedly have together.

“I’m doing this for my child, but I’m scared. I don’t know what will happen there,” Tomson told the Sunday Sun.

Tomson said she had reason to believe that there would be some skulduggery on Seleka’s part, ahead of the case.

“I just hope Kat doesn’t bribe them. He once told me he’d get away with anything, if there was money involved,” she said.

Sources who spoke to the Sunday Sun say paternity had not been proven yet and that is a question that will likely be interrogated when this process moves to the next phase.

Seleka laments that this matter had been dragged out like this, insisting that he is actually the victim.

“I don’t know why she does this. I’ve spoken to her, but she ducks and dives whenever I come up with a solution to this matter,” said Seleka.