Schumer still whining about Trump Cabinet

<> on February 7, 2017 in Washington, DC.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has accused Donald Trump of being anti-working class, citing the Cabinet that he has chosen for his government.

Schumer said life in the United States was going to become harder for working class Americans, adding that this was not the promise Trump has made during his election campaign.

“The president has shown his hand by selecting the most anti-working-class Cabinet that we have ever seen,” Schumer told journalists on Monday.

“What President Trump has done on the campaign and said on the campaign and his inaugural address is almost the exact opposite of what he’s doing now,” added Schumer.

Three nominees, in particular, have come under the microscope for the Democrats this week. They are Steven Mnuchin, who will head the Treasury Department, Mick Mulvaney (Director of the Office of Management and Budget) and Andy Puzder (likely to be Labor Secretary).

“Ever since President Trump took the oath of office, he has gone about breaking promise after promise to the working people of this country,” explained Schumer.

“Just three weeks in, the administration is stretching the boundaries of cognitive dissidence. He promises to stick up for working families, but every decision he has made is rigging the system further against them.”