Nasty C: ‘I know my potential and that’s not where it lies’

Nasty C

South African rapper Nasty C has responded to the backlash he has been receiving about only “rapping in English”.

While the 20-year-old’s style of rap was being discussed on social media, one Twitter user claimed that although he loves Nasty C, he just cannot get over the fact that he only raps in English.

“@Nasty_CSA I agree DJ Bongz. I have a crush on Nasty but this Eng only thng tjoo (sic).”

The rapper wasted no time responding to the user in a series of tweets, saying that if he doesn’t like his music  he should just stop listening to it.

1. That’s not Dj Bongz. 2. If you feel you don’t relate or enjoy my music, by all means, stop listening coz u won’t  and can’t change it (sic),” the Switched Up hit maker said.

He went on to say that he isn’t fazed by the user’s opinion.

“Don’t just tweet for the sake of.. especially when it’s opinion based.. it’s not worth it.”

“Naw.. I know my potential and that’s not where it lies. I’m not here to waste your time with average meaningless raps just to prove points,” he added.