Police publicly strip-search boy, 12


A case of crimen injuria has been opened against two policemen stationed at the Mountain Rise Police Station, Pietermaritzburg, after they allegedly forced a child to strip naked in public.

Officers forced the child to strip down, so that they could search him.

The mother of the boy, 12, revealed that the incident had left her son traumatised, embarrassed and destroyed his faith in the police.

She shared that her son had on Sunday afternoon gone to his father who had been at a relative’s house nearby. She said that on his return home, his father had said that he would watch him walk back home from the verandah of the relative’s house. Her son kept looking back at his father as he walked home, and only increased his speed when he realized that his father was out of sight.

“That was when a police van stopped across the road and one of the officers asked my son why he kept looking back,” she said. She says they thought he had dropped drugs.

She said the police then called him over and asked him what he had dropped on the floor because he kept looking back. He explained that he had been looking at his father.

They then forced him to take of his clothes and shoes and proceeded to search him. The search was done in the street in view of houses.

She said that when they were unable to find anything, they verbally abused and harassed him, calling “a ‘f***ing p**s lightie” and threatened to “f**k him up” if he didn’t tell them where the drugs were.

She says her son returned home in tears and shaking.

Captain Gay Ebrahim, uMgungundlovu North cluster spokesperson, confirmed that a criminal case has been opened against two police officers at the Mountain Rise police station. A disciplinary case against the two officers has also been registered.

He said that this was an “isolated incident which will be investigated properly at the station”.