Russia watching Trump very closely


Spokesperson for the Russian government, Dmitry Peskov, said he was not surprised by anything he had seen from Donald Trump during the initial stages of his Presidency.

Peskov said the Russian government had followed the United States election very closely, as it should, adding that there was nothing to be alarmed about because they knew what the United States and the world was getting.

He said there was ultimately nothing to be disappointed about either.

"We haven't been wearing rose-tinted glasses, we never harbored illusions, so there is nothing to be disappointed in," said Peskov.

The Kremlin spokesperson said it was still too early to comment on what the relationship between the United States will be like though, because the two Heads of State from that country had not actually met yet. 

He appeared hopeful that the two countries would find some area of cooperation, despite the difference in opinion that might be held from the United States' partners in Europe and the far East.

Trump might even experience some challenges on Russia from his own government and he is well aware of it too – so is Peskov.
"There has not yet been substantive contact between the two heads of state," added Peskov.

"It's not known when this will happen. And probably only after they talk will it be clear where significant differences remain and where it is possible to discover areas for cooperation," added Peskov