Review: The Western Cape’s best Sunday gig for rock ‘n roll parents


If you love live music but you’re not 20 anymore, then Vergenoegd’s live summer concerts are a great way to bring rock ‘n roll and family together.

It’s strangely appropriate that the biggest draw card for me to go see Arno Carstens – one of biggest names in the history of South African rock music – was the kiddies play area!

That has nothing to do with Arno’s music, but rather a reflection of how both our lives and careers have evolved simultaneously.

Like many of the crowd at Vergenoegd last Sunday, a large chunk of my earliest and fondest live music memories date back to a time when I was a carefree student throwing my body around as Arno and the Springbok Nude Girls forged a brave new era in SA music.

Fast forward almost 20 years and Arno could be spotted pushing preschoolers down the slide in between taking pics with fans as the opening acts kept the chilled crowd entertained before he provided the climax to a very cool afternoon.

By the end of the day there was a crowd dancing at the foot of the stage, with a handful of ladies trying very hard to catch Arno’s eye. Some things never change.

The afternoon’s highlight was probably Ard Matthews from Just Jinjer joining Arno’s band on stage as they let rip on some old Nude Girls tracks.


Vergenoegd have done a great job in providing a perfect venue for our generation of music fans, who want to get out of the city and enjoy a day with friends, family, beer, wine, bubbly and food – all set on the idyllic green lawns of one of Stellenbosch’s oldest wine estates!

Each concert begins with gates opening at 11:00 and ends at 18:00. The music kicks off with an opening act at 12:00 with the headline act on stage at 16:00.

This Sunday (2 April) is your last chance to get in on fun, with Matthew Mole the headline act. It’s well worth a trip down the N2.