DA: Paying Izinduna will cripple service delivery


Democratic Alliance spokesperson for Finance in KwaZulu-Natal, Francois Rodgers, said the remuneration of Izinduna would cripple service delivery in that province, and create unnecessary division in the region.

President Jacob Zuma has signalled his intent to do just that (remunerate Izinduna), and the DA says it is concerned by the development.

Rogers said the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs was unable to answer some of the most pressing questions on that topic, despite the clear intent to go ahead with the plans for Izinduna.

Amongst the questions posed were the following:

• Does the department have a data base for the number of Izinduna? The answer was no.
• Are there any performance agreements in place for the payments of Izinduna? The answer given was vague.
• Are there any plans in place for the rumoured back payment of Izinduna of R1.3 billion? Again the answer was no.
• Is the payment of Izinduna legal in terms of existing legislation – again a vague and uncertain response was forthcoming.

“Add to this the fact that the provincial Traditional Leaders Bill has yet to be sent to the KZN Legislature by CoGTA –with some disparities between National and Provincial legislation.

“The remuneration of Izinduna is set to cost KZN just under R1-billion over the next three years, excluding any back pay. The resultant substantial cuts to budgets across all departments will destroy any proposed radical economic transformation.”