Driver busted with 200 000 mandrax tablets


The Cradock Highway Patrol arrested a 45-year-old man this weekend, after they discovered mandrax tablets with a street value of R16-million in a hidden compartment of his canopy.

The driver of the vehicle almost got away with transporting his 200 000 mandrax tablets, even though his vehicle had been stopped. However, authorities noticed that something about the alignment of the canopy was amiss, at which point they thought it prudent to conduct a more thorough search, with better lighting.

“A white Colt bakkie was stopped. Police noticed that the vehicle had a long wheel base, but the canopy was smaller compared to the long wheel base of the bakkie,” said police spokesperson Brigadier Marinda Mills.

“A decision was made that proper investigation be conducted at the police station where there was adequate lighting. Upon searching the vehicle, police discovered 200 000 mandrax tablets with an estimated street value of R16 million in a hidden compartment of the canopy,” added Mills.

The suspect is expected to make an appearance in the Cradock Magistrate’s Court this week.

That was not the only useful discovery made by the police on the highway in question though, as another vehicle they stopped was found with marijuana to the value of R1.4-million. That is, 23 bags of the product.

“Two suspects, aged 25 and 27 years old were arrested. The 23 bags of dagga with a total weight of 486.2 kg and an estimated street value of R 1-4million was confiscated.”