No ‘snub’ here! Bucie is getting money, honey!


If you’re under the impression that local singer Bucie is mad about Canadian artist, Drake, using DJ Black Coffee’s 2011 hit, Superman, and turning it into his own track, then think again!

Although the singer wasn’t featured on Drake’s new song Get It Together, she will still be receiving royalties every time his track is streamed and downloaded.

This was confirmed by SAMRO spokesperson, Tiyani Maluleke.

“How much she makes off royalties would depend on the agreement of the parties that the song belongs to. The song will continue to earn royalties for the composer and publisher for the entire lifetime of the composer and 50 years after the composer has died,” Maluleke said.

Bucie also confirmed that she will be receiving royalties for the track, but remained mum on how much she was going to be paid.

Other than that, the Easy to Love singer says that Drake using her song is a “great achievement”.