Violent clashes over grazing land in Kenya


Violent clashes have erupted in Kenya over grazing land as a result of the drought that currently has the Horn of Africa in its grip.

Police on Monday confirmed that around 10 people were killed and two injured in an incident in the area of Kom on Sunday.

According to reports, herders from the Borana and Samburu communities engaged in a gun battle on Sunday after both groups brought their herds to an area in Kom to graze.

Police chief of the town of Isiolo, Charles Ontita, confirmed the incident and also confirmed that more officers were deployed to the area.

Sunday’s deaths follow the killing of 13 in the western Baringo region, where herders from the Ilchamus and Pokot communities fought over grazing land in the area of Mukutani.

Baringo police reported that four policemen were injured in Mukutani when they were fired on by suspected Pokot herders as they were escorting Ilchamus herders to safety.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has responded to the mounting violence by announcing the deployment of troops to the Baringo and Laikipia regions.

In some sectors, it is suspected that politics may be playing as active a role in the violence in addition to the drought, with national elections due to be held in August.