FF Plus: ANC and MK should protect Dlamini-Zuma at own expense


The Freedom Front Plus has accused Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma of abusing state resources, after it emerged that she continued to receive protection from the Presidential Protection Unit (PPU) of the South African Police.

The South African police argue that the service was fully in accordance with its mandate and prescripts.

The police said the protection was offered in terms of the PPU's mandate, adding that protection was provided to the President and Deputy President of the Republic of South Africa, former Presidents, foreign heads of state and their spouses.

It also said the Chairperson of the African Union was afforded courtesies given by DIRCO with the status of President and while serving in that capacity. Dlamini-Zuma's tenure at the AU has ended though and that is what concerns the FF Plus.

"Further protection is being provided to the former African Union Chairperson informed by the outcome of a security assessment conducted and ongoing investigations in relation to threats directed at her person. For security reasons, the SAPS will not discuss or deliberate on any details of the security afforded to Dr Dlamini-Zuma, or in relation to the mentioned threat and security assessment," read a statement released by the SAPS on Friday.

However, the Freedom Front Plus is having none of it.

"The protection of Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma by the VIP section of the police is the misuse of state resources to finance her presidential campaign," said Leader of the FF Plus Piet Groenewald.

"Dlamini-Zuma is not a public official and is therefore not obliged to attend meetings. If her safety is under threat, she should stay away from public meetings. If she insists on attending meetings, the ANC and its MK veterans should protect her at their own expense," added Groenewald.

"The police now use the excuse of an intelligence report regarding her personal safety as a reason for her protection, and the FF Plus will ask the minister of police in parliament about this abuse of the police and taxpayers' money."

"Taxpayers and ordinary citizens must pay billions of rand annually to provide for their own private security and safety. The ANC should repay the costs already incurred for Dlamini-Zuma's protection to the state," added Groenewald.