Hlaudi: Some black people have been captured by the West


Former Chief Operating Officer at the SABC Hlaudi Motsoeneng said too many black South Africans had been captured by western forces.

Motsoeneng said he would not be intimidated by those who he believes sought to derail his, and other efforts to uplift poor South Africans who had not benefitted from the advent of democracy. Motsoeneng said he felt compelled to intervene where he could, especially at the helm of the SABC.

“I want to say to South Africans, don’t listen to black people who are being taken by the westerns. Don’t listen to them. Because black people, some of them, they have been captured,” said Motsoeneng at a press briefing on Wednesday.

“You can see what they are fighting for. I will never be proud, when a black man stands and says ‘look, we are not supporting local content’,” added Motsoeneng.

The suspended SABC executive said that fight extended beyond the confines of the public broadcaster though, adding that those who had bought into the series of antiZuma marches were also guilty of being captured by the West.

“You are not supporting President Zuma, when he is saying radical transformation in South Africa. You have people toy toying, and the people who are toy toying, they are minor.

“You see, people are saying they are many. Those people are not many. They are not representing 50 million of the people in South Africa.

“Ordinary people, they know what they want in South Africa. And some of us who come from poverty, who know poverty, not from reading the books, who grow within poverty. We know, when we occupy these positions, we need to plough back to our own people who are poor.”