Carnage continues to spread in CAR


The Central African Republic is burning, and the United Nations fears there is very little it can do to curb the spread of violence by armed groups in that country.

The troubled African country has been engaged in a civil war since 2012 and the United Nations does not even have a firm handle on just how many people have died. About a million civilians have been displaced during the violence, and it is only getting worse.

United Nations peacekeepers have never been safe, naturally, but their capacity to limit the carnage that has taken place in that country has also been significantly reduced, because of the sheer scale of the violence they are dealing with.

“Violence and rising tensions are spreading to areas of the Central African Republic that had previously been spared the kinds of terrifying violence seen in some other parts of the country – this is highly worrying and should set off loud alarm bells,” said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein.

“The hard-earned relative calm in Bangui and some of the bigger towns in CAR risks being eclipsed by the descent of some rural areas into increasing sectarian violence, with defenseless civilians – as usual – paying the highest price,” added Hussein.

The UN reports that in the most recent series of violence hundreds of civilians have been killed, in places like Bangassou and Tokoyo. Many more have been wounded.