Afghanistan conflict spiraling out of control


United Nations Representative in Afghanistan Tadamichi Yamamoto said he was appalled by the news of an unexploded mortar round killing five children in that country this week.

The five boys were all from the same family and playing outside when tragedy struck. The United Nations feels the incident highlights just how urgent the need is for conflict resolution in that country.

While conflict perhaps comes with the territory in a country where there are so many divisions, the killing of children should not.

Afghanistan has been at war for decades, but the latest phase of violence started in 2015, The great tragedy about the current phase is that children and innocent civilians have been dragged into the violence, more than ever before.

Yamamoto said that needed to stop.

“I was appalled to hear that an unexploded mortar round killed five boys from the same family,” said Yamamoto.

“The children were playing outside their home […] A family destroyed in seconds – this horror is just one of too many incidents documented at the onset of this fighting season,” added Yamamoto.

The first four months of 2017 have been particularly violent, which is an indication, if ever one was needed, that this problem is spiraling out of control.