Sisulu: SA Human Settlements Dept. is No.1 in developing world


Minister of Human Settlements Lindiwe Sisulu said she was horrified by the lack of knowledge displayed by some members of the Portfolio Committee on Human Settlements in the National Assembly.

Sisulu said those members did a major disservice to South African voters, adding that their reaction to the Human Settlements budget vote was not useful.

“I needed to indicate my shock and horror at how little some members of the portfolio Committee understand about what we are doing in the Human Settlements environment,” said Sisulu in the National Assembly on Thursday.

The Minister said her department was a top performer in government, adding that it played a lead role, not just in South African but also in the developing world. She acknowledged that there were some shortcomings, but insisted that some of the criticism that was levelled towards her and her department on Thursday was not justified.

“We rank number one and we are used as a lead in the development of all policies on human settlements in the developing world. We are ranked number one in our delivery, I could go on. There is no question about that whatsoever,” added Sisulu.

“What we are wanting from members of the Portfolio Committee is understand that we need to deliver faster too all our people. Those are the people out there listening to you coming here and disagreeing on something you have absolutely no knowledge of.

“When in fact, what they want from all of us is hope that it is possible for us to come together and work together, and give them a better future. Which is what they have voted for. “