Dead body lies on Kloof street for hours


The body of a man has been lying in Kloof Street, Cape Town, for six hours.

Security officers and car guards in the area say the man has been lying in front of a boutique since 07:00 on Friday morning.

The identity of the man is unknown, but car guards in Kloof street say they have seen him around and can only identify him as ‘Scar’.

Witnesses in the area say that the man was homeless. He was allegedly also suffering from TB.

It is believed that the deceased had trouble breathing, and eventually collapsed.

“He was sitting against a flower pot outside the boutique. That’s where I found him this morning.

“He was still breathing, but breathing heavily,” a witness who did not wish to be identified said.

“After an ambulance had been called, I went to check on him and I could see he was not going to make it. ”

A man who works in the store where the man collapsed, says the police arrived at 10:00, but three hours later, the body was still in the street. At the time of publishing, the body was still on the street awaiting collection by the mortuary.

Two police officers at the scene told SABN that the reason the body was still lying in the street was because they are following police protocol.

When SABN tried to contact police spokesperson Captain October, he was unavailable for comment.