Mantashe: Everybody who wants attention takes a dig at ANC


Secretary General of African National Congress (ANC) Gwede Mantashe said many in South African society were exploiting the opportunity that had been presented by a fractured movement.

Mantashe said the significant aspect about the current fissures was that they extended deep into the heart of the Tripartite Alliance, adding that they didn’t just affect the ANC.

The ANC Secretary General explained that the governing party had become a soft target, adding that the onus was now on it to buck the trend.

He was speaking to supporters of the South African Communist Party this week.

“I thought I should take this meeting a little bit back, and say, from the ANC, one of the things we want to acknowledge is that we are going through a very difficult and very complex period,” said Mantashe.

“We must put that up front, and consequently, as a movement we go through a difficult and complex period. And therefore, when the movement goes through a difficult period it has to deal with the siege that it finds itself from,” added Mantashe.

“We are in that situation today, where everybody who wants attention, takes a dig on the ANC. And our responsibility is to change that, because under pressure we tend to move away from the theoretical framework of the revolution,” said Mantashe, taking a swipe at those who had allowed themselves to be influenced by he adverse circumstances facing the ANC.