Mashatile: Deputy President is the natural successor in ANC


Chairman of the African National Congress in Gauteng, Paul Mashatile told supporters that Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa was the natural successor to the helm of the governing party.

Like many who’ve already endorsed a Ramaphosa candidacy for leadership of the party, when Zuma steps down from the party this December, the traditions of the ANC have been cited as reason enough to back Ramaphosa.

Mashatile was speaking to members at the West Rand General Council this weekend.

“OR Tambo was the Deputy President to Chief Luthuli. I know that there is no policy, but we can say that it is history that OR Tambo was a Deputy President to Chief Luthuli,” said Mashatile.

“If I remember well, President Mandela was first Deputy to OR Tambo. Is it not so?

“So, it happens that the Deputy succeeds the sitting President. Zuma was the Deputy to Thabo Mbeki,” quipped Mashatile.

The point he was essentially making though, was that a departure from that tradition would do more harm than good to the governing party, which is already floundering because of the divisions caused by contestation.

So, what kind of leader is it that Mashatile wants to take over at the helm of the ANC?

“We want to elect leaders who are brave. We want leaders who will protect the State, from all forms of capture,” added Mashatile.

“We are not only talking about the Guptas. We are talking about anything that seeks to capture the State, we want leaders to stand against it,” he said.