Ramaphosa: ANC has most thorough democratic processes


Deputy President of the African National Congress, Cyril Ramaphosa, said South Africa’s governing party was the only organization on the continent that goes through a thorough and truly democratic process ahead of its National Conference.

Ramaphosa, speaking at the Western Cape’s Provincial General Council this weekend, said the processes in the ANC were truly democratic, adding that the governing party should be proud of the manner in which it handles the formulation and drafting of its policy.

“I have not come across a single organization in this country and on the continent that goes through a thorough going, democratic process of discussing every policy position that is going to be confirmed at the National Conference,” said Ramaphosa.

“We need, and you need to applaud yourself as a truly democratic organization, as the African National Congress and you are following a tried and test tradition,” added Ramaphosa.

The Deputy President said the governing party was entering a very important period in its election cycle, which includes the determination of the policy direction that the party will take during the next five years. Because the plan is so long-term, it is critical that the governing party gets this process right and Ramaphosa is confident that the traditions of the ANC, in this regard, will be upheld.

He said this was especially important in the Western Cape, where the ANC has lost considerable ground under the Fransman administration.

“We are here to prepare for the National Policy Conference. This is a moment that the Western Cape should seek to use very very effectively to prepare for this conference. The Policy Conference we are going to hold at the end of this month, is going to be an important moment in the life of the African National Congress, for a number of reasons,” he said.

“One of those, Comrades, is because we are following a tried and test tradition, as the African National Congress, where we put into practice our principles and values of democratic practice. We are the only organization in the whole country, possibly the whole continent, which when it goes to its National Conference, to elect leaders, and to confirm policies, has a long preparatory process where we draft our policy document.

“We hold a workshop, and thereafter, where we get almost 4500 branches of the African National Congress, throughout the length and the breath of the country, sitting down and discussing detailed policy that is going to be confirmed at the National Conference.”