DJ Portia Luma: ‘If the opportunity does not present itself, you need to create it’


Oluthando Keteyi

In life, you sometimes need to make tough decisions to be able to fulfil your dreams and that is exactly what Portia Luma did.

Portia Luma made the decision to drop out of CPUT to pursue her journey to fulfil her true destiny, and even though her journey is just beginning,  the 23-year-old DJ is already becoming one of the best.

Portia entered the entertainment industry by hosting events up until last year November when she decided to reignite her love for music by becoming a DJ.

With the training of her partner, she has found herself being the only female to take part in the Makoya Mix Regional Finals taking place on 15 July.


“I’ve always had a passion for music and the performing arts. I started dancing at the age of 7, then at the age of 12, I found myself messing around with virtual DJ (deejaying software) at Love Life Studios – where back then I was called DJ Pinkles lol. On a more serious note, It all came together last year (2016) in November when I decided that since I was already in the entertainment industry (hosting events, etc) it was about time that I branched out and I was lucky enough to have a partner who was and still is in the entertainment industry as my mentor.”

Besides being a DJ she is also a brand influencer, designer and a student. One has to wonder how she does it all. Portia lets us know that it is all about knowing how to manage her time well.

“It’s all about managing time & expectations. I do indeed have a lot going on as I am currently also pursuing studies in Business & Marketing Management at Varsity College. Even more reason to get up in the morning every day.”

Making a name for yourself in the entertainment industry can be tough and it is always good to have someone whose footsteps you can draw inspiration from and for that Portia looks up to DJ Zinhle.

“It would have to be DJ Zinhle not only because she is doing well in a male dominated industry but also due to the fact she is a business woman and I draw a lot of inspiration from that. ”

In the short space of launching her career, Portia has managed to appear on SABC 2’s youth show Hectic nine9 and has also landed a residency spot at local Cape Town club, Saint.


“It was something I never expected to come so soon, I was in a lot of disbelief when I got the call. The cameras, the crew, the works got me overwhelmed yet super excited, for once It felt like it was all coming together for me. This came as reassurance that it might take years but if I carry on perfecting my craft then all will fall into place. The Saint residency happened through hard work. If the opportunity does not present itself you need to create it and I did exactly that.” she tells us on her achievements.

The pretty DJ is one hard worker and her work ethic speaks for itself. Portia will be releasing her first house single called Ubomi, which tells the story of a young couple who had dreams and visions of building together but ended up drifting apart due to life and the many challenges that come with it.

We cannot wait for all that is to come from the artist. Portia shared with us a few things that we can look forward to from her.

“Besides my debut single, more music will be coming from our artists at Generation Nxt Entertainment. Also be on the lookout for new BeeWear Urban Clothing releases coming out in Winter. ”

Check out Your Pretty DJ killing one of her sets!