Our favourite local dishes


Oluthando Keteyi

Nothing brings people together like a good delicious meal and what better than a South African traditional meal.

South Africa is a country that has various cultures and most of them have signature dishes but when it comes to our stomachs we see no difference in culture.

Just in case you were stuck deciding what to make for supper tonight here are a few of Mzansi local dishes that are to die for.


This traditional sausage made from beef, mixed with either pork or lamb with a mixture of spices.

Chakalaka & pap

Chakalaka is a vegetable dish made of onions, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, beans and spices. Pap alongside some hot chakalaka will have you licking your plate.

Braai/Shisa nyama

There is nothing as lovely as good braaied meat. How about a few pieces of pork chops on the braai stand tonight?

Bunny chow

All the way from the streets of Durban. Hollowed out loaves of bread stuffed with spicy curry with either chicken or whatever your hearts desire.


Mincemeat with some curry powder, herbs and dried fruit, topped with a mixture of eggs and milk.

Amagwinya / vetkoek

Basically a ball of dough, which is fried and that you can stuff with almost anything from mince to polony.


One of the messiest dishes around but a masterpiece. A giant roll filled with slap chips, masala steak, egg, Russian sausage and sometimes polony or a vienna.


This is a simple meal which contains samp and beans. You can make this dish interesting by adding meat or vegetables.


The perfect summer meal. This is a dish of pap with fermented milk and is just to die for.

Malva pudding

Something for that sweet tooth. This is a simple baked sponge pudding made with apricot jam and can be served with warm custard.