Is it time for Adrienne Bailon to get off the weight loss train?


American media personality Adrienne Eliza Houghton (Bailon) has impressed fans across the globe with her amazing body transformation.

We all know, Adrienne began her weight loss journey ahead of her magical wedding earlier this year. We loved her progress and we loved the way her wedding dress hugged her gorgeous new body. Her extreme weight loss even had some people wishing that they also could transform their bodies and hope that they could look half as good as her.

Adrienne has been showing off her body transformation over the past few months on social media and her snaps have had her followers going crazy. We all know she is the self-proclaimed selfie queen so we closely monitor her Instagram page daily to obsess over her latest snap.

Recently though, Adrienne shared a snap that left many followers with mixed emotions. The Real co-host shared an image of herself enjoying a road trip with her husband, Israel Houghton. But followers could not get over how extremely skinny Adrienne looks in the snap.

Some of the followers took to the comment section to express how they feel about the once ‘proud-to-be-chubby’ woman’s concerning weight loss.

“Damn she skinny af looks scary still beautiful most def,” one user wrote.

“I like thick Adrienne. This kind of scared me for a second but if she’s happy then no complaints. Either way, she’s still gorgeous,” another commented.

What do you think about Adrienne’s new look?