Timber Festival: Knysna ready to rise from the ashes


The town of Knysna believes that it will rise from the ashes, as it prepares for what is still a highly anticipated Timber Festival, set to start this September.

The people of Knysna have not been deterred, and are actually more determined than ever to prove to South Africa just how much a united community can achieve in the face of adversity. The news that the Timber Festival will go ahead, comes just days before the town’s Oyster Festival kicks off this Friday.

Both festivals are a strong show of force.

“The Knysna Timber Festival 2017 will go ahead as planned from 29 September to 1 October – and it’ll take place as usual at its traditional venue at Timber Village, despite the fact that Timber Village was burned to the ground during the town’s recent devastating fires,” said event spokesperson Martin Hatchuel.

“The Knysna Timber Initiative – the organisers of the event – see this year’s Festival as an important milestone during which members of the industry can meet and help one another in restarting and re-growing the Garden Route’s hard-hit timber economy,” added Hatchuel.