Khoza: I will not be a sacrificial lamb


Member of Parliament for the African National Congress, Makhosi Khoza, expressed her outrage, after the office of the Chief Whip called her out publicly on Friday.

In a statement released by Chief Whip Jackson Mthembu on Friday, Khoza was accused of being highly out of order, because she had not committed to toeing the party line ahead of the Motion of No Confidence in President Jacob Zuma, when it is tabled in the National Assembly later this year.

Khoza is seen as a hero by those who share her sentiments on the current state of the governing party. However, the ANC has consistently said it had absolutely no intention of being bullied into removing the President, by opposition parties in parliament.

If those comments are anything to go by, the vote will not pass. However, Khoza has been pushing against the current on this and the ANC is not amused by it, or her campaign at the National Policy Conference earlier this month.

Nor is she amused by the manner in which the ANC is reacting to the stance she has adopted.

“I will not be their sacrificial lamb,” Khoza told the African News Agency.

“I know they are going to charge me, he told me so, but he never told me he would be releasing this statement,” added Khoza, who sees this development at an attempt at a blindside by the Office of the Chief Whip.

Central to this particular storm is the very public feud between Minister of Police Fikile Mbalula and Khoza. Mbalula compared those who did not toe the party line to suicide bombers, and Khoza said she could not allow that commentary to go unchallenged, adding that context was very important in this case.

“I was speaking in response to what [police minister Fikile] Mbalula had said,” said Khoza.

“If a member of the ANC and the Minister of Police equates what people like myself said as suicide bombers – [people like me] who are under constant death threats, who are under constant intimidation, who is going to protect me when the police have not even acted on the two criminal cases that I have opened?” she said.

Khoza believes she is not getting the protection she deserves under these circumstances. She is not prepared to sit back while a wave of attacks and threats head in her direction.

“I am not going to be a sacrificial lamb…where people want to portray me as some ill-disciplined person,” added Khoza.

“I told him [Mthembu] I was ready to face the consequences and told him what the context of my statements had been,” she added.