Cronin pushing SACP to contest 2019 elections independently

Former South African Communist Party deputy General Secretary Jeremy Cronin believes that current conditions are optimal for the party to breakaway from its alliance and contest the 2019 elections independently.
Cronin said that conditions were different now to what they were in 2007. In 2007, it could not take the decision to contest the elections independently as it could have "deepened local hostilities" and resulted in violence.
But now, he says, majority alliance partner, the African National Congress (ANC) is seeing a decline in support that puts its chances of obtaining a clear majority at risk.
Cronin also mentioned that in the early 2000s, Cosatu funded a shop steward survey that found that though there was a high appreciation for the party's ideological and campaigning perspective, only six per cent of those surveyed expressed support for the SACP to contest on an independent electoral ticket.
The ex-SACP deputy General Secretary was speaking at the party's national congress in Boksburg on Thursday, where many delegates, especially from Mpumalanga, showed their support for his proposal through song.
He also delivered a presentation on the SACP and State Power, and reminded the party that it was not "a narrowly electoralist formation", and that its approach to elections would be guided by a strategic commitment to forward the National Democratic Revolution.