UDM wants Mbete to recuse herself from Motion of No Confidence


Leader of the United Democratic Movement Bantu Holomisa said Speaker of the National Assembly, Baleka Mbete, could not be trusted to preside over the Motion of No Confidence in President Jacob Zuma next month.

His concerns were penned in a letter to the Speaker this week, following a meeting held by opposition parties in the National Assembly. The letter was written on behalf of the African Christian Democratic Party, African People’s Convention, Congress of the People, Democratic Alliance, Economic Freedom Fighters, Inkatha Freedom Party and the United Democratic Movement.

In the letter, Holomisa explains why he does not think it appropriate for Mbete to preside of those proceedings.

“You are on record instructing African National Congress (ANC) Members of Parliament in the National Assembly to vote in favour of their President,” said Holomisa, highlighting what is widely believed to be the Speaker’s failure to be impartial in the National Assembly.

“In the event of the success of the motion, you are enjoined by the Constitution to act as President; and
You are also in the running for ANC President and by extension the President of the Country,” added Holomisa.

“Making matters worse is your recent attack on the judiciary. You have said that certain judges are biased against your party. Your action undermines your duty to act as liaison between Parliament, as an institution, and the other arms of State. It means that you still fail to separate your role as the head of the National Assembly and that of ANC Chairperson,” he said.

“All of the aforementioned demonstrate, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you are patently biased and therefore conflicted and compromised.”

Holomisa and the other opposition parties are hopeful that the Speaker will do what they consider to be the right thing under the circumstances, by recusing herself from those proceedings.