Amor will reportedly tell her side of the story in new book


According to TshisaLive, Amor Vittone is planning to write a book  addressing the legal battle with her late husband Joost van der Westhuizen’s family over his will.

The van der Westhuizen family recently withdrew their request to have an unsigned will declared valid.

The unsigned will was declared invalid by the Master of the High Court, thus validating an initial will in which the late Springbok’s estate was left to Amor and their children.

Amor, TshisaLIVE reports, explained all that had happened between her and the family was because of  “situations that took place behind closed doors”.

“They said that I wasn’t there at his side in his last moments, but that was because they told us to go somewhere else. I am constantly painted as a bad person, an uncaring wife and a deadbeat mother but that is bullsh*t. People do not know the truth and they have not walked in my shoes. I won’t be crucified for something I didn’t do wrong,” Amor said.

The book Amor is working on, the site reports, will reveal her side of the story as the star is tired of being “painted as a bad person and a deadbeat mother”.

Amor’s manager Delyse Vittone, however, speaking to The Juice, denied knowledge about a book deal.

“I’m her manager and I can tell you that she doesn’t have a book deal. That is completely untrue.” Delyse said.

Only time will tell.