ANC top brass steps in to solve WC leadership crisis


The African National Congress in the Western Cape is in crisis, so the party has dispatched its top six officials, including President Jacob Zuma, to step in and sort the mess out.

The top six officials in the ANC were dispatched to the Western Cape following the disbanding of the leadership of the party’s biggest region in the province, the Dullah Omar region. The Dullah Omar region covers the Cape Town metropole.

The region’s leadership was disbanded by the provincial executive committee (PEC) after it accused the leadership of amongst other things, defiance.

City Press reports that it understands the PEC to have compiled a dossier on the numerous occasions the Dullah Omar region snubbed the current provincial leadership, elected in 2015, and will present the dossier to the national leadership.

According to the dossier, the leadership of the Dullah Omar region contested the results of the 2015 leadership elections.

“This failure to accept the conference outcomes has underpinned the stance of the regional executive committee towards the PEC. This matter has been raised with the regional executive committee on numerous occasions and the PEC has consistently appealed for unity,” the report reads.

The PEC blames the party’s dismal showing in the 2016 local government elections in Cape Town in the Dullah Omar region. The ANC only managed to secure 24% of the vote – the worst electoral performance by the party.

“As election results showed, the region lost ground to the DA and even the Economic Freedom Fighters. During the elections, it was clear that the region did not accept the authority of the PEC, and the little work it did was unilateral and with no reference to the provincial structures,” the report says.

Additionally, the PEC is also blaming factionalism, saying that it is an “abiding character” of the region.

Speaker of Parliament, Baleka Mbete, will be leading the team to meet with ANC branches in the Dullah Omar region on Monday. President Jacob Zuma will lead the team meeting with the Boland region – the party’s second biggest region in the province. The other officials will visit the remaining four regions of the West Coast, Central Karoo, South Cape/Klein Karoo and Overberg.

They will be meeting with branches to hear from ordinary ANC members about the state of the party in the province.

“They will then have a meeting with the PEC, whereupon those who went to the regions the previous day will give a report in the presence of the PEC,” ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said.

From there, a decision will be made regarding the future of the province, the region and leadership. Recommendations will then be made to the national executive committee on how the party should then proceed.