Indian company introduces #FOPLeave


An international media company in India has broken the mold and introduced a new policy allowing its female employees to take the first day they start menstruating off (popularly known as “first day of period leave”.

The company, Culture Machine, created a short video clip, speaking to employees about what is often considered a taboo topic.

Devleena Majumder, president of human resources for the company, says in the clip that the first day of a woman’s menstruation cycle can be very uncomfortable and that asking for the day off should not be seen as an embarrassment, but rather accepted as a part of life.

CEO and Co-Founder of Culture Machine, Sameer Pitalwalla, said in an interview with Mirror Now that they are not concerned about employees all taking leave at the same time, but rather that staff take the time to recover – whether it be physically or mentally.

In South Africa, the labour law makes provision for employers to give employees paid sick leave. It is thus in the employees best interest to take their annual leave in order to improve wellness and avoid illness or “burnout”.

What do you think – is this something that can catch on in South Africa?

Watch the video below.