Three Rules for Healthy Hair


Let’s face it, we all want long, beautiful, fuller hair but the journey it takes to get there is an uphill battle. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you with five simple rules to follow while on your journey to healthier hair!

Avoid heat to your head

This one is pretty obvious. We’re often told that we need to decide between blow drying our hair or using the flat iron because doing both is a recipe for disaster, a disaster that only hits you later in life. Sometimes you’re forced to use both the blow dryer and flat iron because you just got home from work and you’re going on a date with that special guy and waiting for your hair to air dry could take forever. But next time, try to wash your hair the day before, blow dry it and then flat iron it in the morning.

Avoid wet hairstyles

In the previous rule, you’re told to avoid putting heat on your hair. Now in this one, we’re telling you that washing your hair every morning because you love the natural look can cause more damage to your hair than you know. Cosmetic chemist Randy Schueller told that water makes your hair swell and pushes the cuticle upwards. “When that happens over and over again, you get frizz and breakage.”

Conditioner is a girl’s best friend!

According to, conditioner is just as important as a heat protector. Some women who have oily hair tend to not bother using conditioner and just use shampoo, thinking that their conditioner is the reason for their oily hair. But wait! Conditioner is better at coating the hair than heat protecting products.