The Best Multiplayer Console Games


There really is no form of video gaming like multiplayer gaming. The competition between friends and the camaraderie of completing missions together just can’t be beaten.

Of course, it can be difficult to arrange a game – especially if all your friends enjoy different genres. That’s why we’ve compiled a short list of games that should have something for everyone.

The classic: Mario Kart

Sadly, the time of split-screen gaming and shared multiplayer experiences seems to be coming to an end with the dominance of online gaming (and some would argue greed on the part of developers – why sell one copy of a game to a group of four people when you can sell four?) and the lack of choice.

However, for an old school nostalgia party with friends, nothing beats a Mario Kart race. Of course, those friends may soon become enemies because as anyone who has played Mario Kart knows, it can be a furiously frustrating experience.

We’ve all felt the pain of coming in first place with the finish line just on the horizon only to see a blue shell fired between our wheels, or being struck by a shrinking ray, or being simply blown off the map by a toothy bullet…

Mario Kart allows you and a group of up to seven friends to take control of various characters in the Mario franchise on their custom racing karts, all of which have their own individual strengths and weaknesses.

While you can play it online, of course, there really is nothing quite like getting together with a group of friends for an in-person split-screen race.

The super social: Four Kings Casino

Four Kings Casino is a social gaming experience that capitalises on the massive popularity of online casino games by bringing players all the social fun of a live casino experience straight to their console.

Get the glitz, glamour and gamble of a true James Bond experience with this innovative mass multi-player game.

Begin by creating a highly customisable avatar using a set of thousands of unique character combinations before entering the world of Four Kings Casino for a high-stakes, high-octane and high-action gambling experience never before seen on a console.

Once inside, it’s time to choose your poison. Are you a slot machine fanatic? Four Kings Casino has tons of one-armed bandits guarding massive jackpots.

Perhaps you’d prefer to test your steel against the house mano-a-mano? Blackjack tables await. Maybe you’d even like to sit down for a round of high-stakes poker against other players? Whichever game you choose, it’s there to be played.

Of course, there are also seasoned players who would like to take their online gaming experience to the next level when in-game currency and coins don’t quite cut it.

The free-for-all: Grand Theft Auto V Online

The massively successful, majorly controversial Grand Theft Auto series of games first became open world way back with the release of Grand Theft Auto III and has gone from strength to strength ever since.

The single-player edition of GTA V was very well- received, with the ability to seamlessly switch between protagonists a welcome addition to the shoot-em-up action.

Grand Theft Auto V Online is without a doubt the game’s undying legacy, though; when released on PC, Xbox One and PS4 back in 2013 it rapidly became a hugely popular social gaming experience that allowed groups of friends or strangers to populate worlds in a free- for-all bonanza of Grand Theft Auto goodness.

At first, the game suffered from technical issues but soon became – and still remains – one of the most popular multi-player games on PC, PS4 and Xbox.

Join a pre-made world with strangers or make your own with friends – each supports up to 30 players with customisable avatars in the chaotic and immeasurably fun world of San Andreas.