Death penalty for man who raped and killed step-daughter


A 43-year-old man was sentenced to death by Zimbabwe’s High Court for raping and murdering his three-year-old step-daughter. 

In 2013, Samson Mutero raped his step-daughter Chipochashe Ndlovu. He then assaulted the toddler until she was unconscious. After the assault, he carried her to her home where she later died. 

After Chipochashe was buried, a traditional healer became suspicious and alerted the police. Her tiny body was dug up and a post-mortem confirmed what had happened to her. 

Mutero was found guilty of the rape and murder of the tiny girl. 

Bulawayo’s Chronicle newspaper recently reported that Mutero received the death penalty on sentencing. 

Judge Kamocha said, "I am unable to find anything which can be regarded as an extenuating circumstance, as a result, the sentence of this court is that you be returned to custody. The sentence of death be executed upon you, according to the law."