Manana: “I should have known better and acted better”


Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training Mduduzi Manana has come under intense fire from the public at large for assaulting a woman at Cubana Fourways in Johannesburg.

The incident went viral after the victim, Mandisa Duma, and friends shared details of the incident on social media. A video later emerged where the deputy minister can be seen assaulting the woman.

Social media on Monday was a blaze with cries for the minister to face the full ends of justice and not get away with his actions because of his position in government.

People even went as far as calling for him to lose his job as a way of government showing that no one is above the law and the abuse of women is a serious offence.

Manana has released a statement apologizing for his actions but is an apology enough?

The abuse of women and children has been a trending topic over recent months due to the high number of incidents making the news. In most of these cases, justice does not always prevail or cases drag out too long in the court system.

With August being Women’s Month, the call for Manana to be made an example of is justified, as too many perpetrators of violence against women remain free and unbothered by their actions.

Read Manana’s full statement below:

I wish to apologise unreservedly to Ms Mandisa Duma, her family, the government of South Africa and all South Africans, and women in particular, for the incident that happened at Cubana Restaurant in Fourways over the weekend.

Regardless of the extreme provocation, I should have exercised restraint. That shameful incident should not have happened. I know that my actions and those of the people in my company have disappointed and hurt many people in the country. As a leader, I should have known better and acted better.  I will subject myself fully to the process of the law and give it my full cooperation.

I further note the fake accounts that have been opened in my personal name, showing less remorse to the victim and intended to further tarnish my name.

I also commit myself to, when the time is right, further engage with Ms Duma and her family to apologise, take responsibility and address the harm that has occurred.

I will also meet with my organisation, the ANC, and President Zuma to give a full account of the incident.