Quick guide to get your brows on fleek!


Ladies, we know how much you love to look glam and on point, so here’s a quick tutorial on how to get those brows on fleek!

It’s important to have fun first with your brows play around with your tools. Remember practice makes perfect.

The latest makeup trends definitely revolve around brows lately and everyone, yes everyone, notices when you’ve done them wrong.

So to make sure you don’t get any weird stares, let’s begin.


Step 1: Measure your brow

Using your pencil (use a shade that is similar to your hair colour) place it at the start of the brow to see where it should start. You can make a line. Make another line where your brow ends.

Step 2: Shape

Make an outer drawing of your brow on the top and bottom. This can be a simple line just to help you get a better definition.

Step 3: Fill

Using your pencil fill in the shape that you have made using light strokes with your pencil. You can fill it up to your desired thickness.

Step 4: Blend

Use an angled brush and blend the pencil in, creating an even look.

Step 5: Set

You can use a clear or tinted brow gel to keep your brows in place and you should be ready to go.

This is just to get a quick brow look but if you are looking to upgrade your brow game check out this blogger’s guide to acing those brows.