ANC weakening because money valued above the movement – Mabuza


African National Congress provincial chairperson David Mabuza has said that the challenging time presently facing the party is making it weaker, and is a result of a change in value systems.

Mabuza said that the party now values money more than the movement, blaming the change on a “foreign tendency” that came in with the responsibilty of governing the country.

“This movement is getting weaker every day. The biggest challenge that came with freedom was our responsibility to govern the country; that was a new responsibility, and a very difficult responsibility… and a very tempting responsibility. It opened the floodgates of foreign tendency that crippled and eroded the ANC. Our value systems changed; we now value money more than the movement. We now value positions more that the movement,” Mabuza said.

He also said that he believed the party could withstand the current storm.

Mabuza was speaking a fundraiser for needy students held in Mbombela, SABC reports.

ANC Youth League provincial chairperson Tim Mashele, also spoke at the event.

Mashele urged the party’s alliance partners not to give up and ‘divorce’ them, but stand with them.

“We want to plead with our alliance partners. We know that the SACP decided in their last conference that they want to serve divorce papers into this movement. We want to say to the party you can’t divorce us, divorce cannot happen now. The movement – the entire alliance movement is at its weakest. It’s the time where we need each other more than ever before,” Mashele said.

Mashele’s remarks were aimed mainly at the South African Communisty Party who recently said that they were considering leaving the alliance to go their own way.