Bloem teen testifies to satanist parents and horrific sexual abuse


A teenage girl has told the Free State High Court about the horrific abuse she endured at the hands of her parents, which included beatings and being raped.

The girl, 13, told the court via CCTV that several men had raped her, “one after the other”, in the presence of her parents.

“My mother laughed at me. I don’t know why,” she said.

“If I asked her to help me, she said I was a bitch. I deserve it,” she told the court.

“They first had sex with my mother. I had to watch. If I looked away, they hit me.”

“My dad knew; He took videos,” she said in response to a question posed by Advocate Ena Liebenberg, for the State.

“Dad and mom were not Christians. They worshipped the devil,” she said in response to questions regarding their satanic activities.

“They made circles on the ground and prayed inside them. They spoke in strange languages. There were demons,” she said.

She also testified to beatings that she and her brother received.

“They hit me and my brother several times. I sometimes jumped in to try to help him, but they were too strong,” she said.

The girl was 11 and her brother 9 when the state removed them from their parents care in Bloemspruit in 2015.

Her parents face 13 charges related to incidents alleged to have occurred between 2012 and 2015.

They have pleaded not guilty and insisted that their legal representative, Advocate Pieter Nel, withdraw from their case, which he has since done.