Gallery: Remembering Diana, Princess of Wales 20 years on


August 31, 1997, was a day etched in the memory of most people old enough to be aware of world events – even if you didn’t follow the shenanigans of the British royal family.

But that day will remain etched in memory because of the shocking news it brought – the news that the “People’s Princess” had died in a car accident in Paris.

The shock of the news reverberated around the world, with outpourings of grief from heads of state down to the average person on the street.

And it poured because, regardless of what you thought of Diana, her life, her morals, her position, the work she did made a difference in people’s lives.

She was patron of a number of charities, but she brought much attention to the (at the time) less glamorous areas of HIV/AIDS research and removal of landmines in Angola, amongst a host of others.

But more importantly, she can be remembered for using her position to draw attention to those causes that today are at the forefront of our consciousness but then, were not.

And in a world today where beauty is a commodity and separate from those who are not beautiful, where beauty is put on a pedestal and kept away from the harsh realities of life, Diana put herself in the middle of issues, touching people that many would not.

She was no Mother Teresa, but within the sphere that she found herself she used what she had at her disposal to do good in the world.

Diana was a princess, but also a mother and advocate and on the 20th anniversary of her passing, it is worth taking a few minutes to remember the good she did while she was alive.