14 mil should have bought me a house, says Gran


The Grandmother of the student who spent part of the R14 million accidentally deposited to her account is disappointed in her wayward grandchild.

Walter Sisulu University student Sibongile Mani accidentally received an amount in millions instead of hundreds for her financial aid, and went on to spend the cash lavishly.

Upon hearing the news, 67-year-old Nombulelo, who raised the second-year accountancy student said that she has “been very ill since I heard this story”.

“I just arrived from the doctor,” Nombulelo Mani told City Press. “I don’t know what this child got herself into. I have not been able to sleep.”

After hearing reports on how the money had been spent on parties and luxury items, Nombulelo said Sibongile should have been more eager to spend the money on lifting the pensioner out of the poverty in which she lives.

“She should have built me a house instead of buying hair and such nonsense,” Mani said.

“At least we would have been able to say this is what she did with the money. I worked many years to raise her and now she wastes money on such things.”

However, Grandma Mani said she still loves Sibongile, and that the blame should fall on whoever made the accounting error in the first place that gave excessive amounts of money to a young woman raised in poverty.

“I thought this child would be the one who would get me out of the misery,” Mani said. “She was my hope and light.

“All I want is for her to come back home so that I can see her with my eyes and talk to her. I love her and I would not forsake her even during this difficult time.

“They must just please forgive my child. She was tempted by the devil and I am sure she did not mean to do what she did. This child grew up poor. What was she supposed to do?”