‘Car thieves’ arrested dancing naked down the road


Residents of the bustling city of Mombasa, Kenya, were treated to some drama on Wednesday when two men walked naked down a busy street causing traffic to pile up.

According to Kenya’s The Standard newspaper, a woman reported the theft of her car at the Kiembene Police Station around five days ago. After not hearing anything, she reportedly sought alternative assistance and approached a witchdoctor.

The witchdoctor charged her Sh100 000 (around $1 000) and told her that the thieves would be found dancing naked down the streets of Mombasa.

On Wednesday afternoon, traffic along the along Mtambo Road came to an almost standstill as two men, naked and covered in mud, walked down the road. One had a snake dangling around his neck, the other held a tablet.

The two men, apparently bewitched, were then taken to Bamburi Police Station, after which the witchdoctor said they had to go to her house for cleansing. She also said that anyone who had come in contact with the car needed to come to her for cleansing.

It has since emerged, however, that the entire incident was staged to advertise a sorcery business, with police arresting both the naked men, the witchdoctor and the car owner.

The snake was removed by personnel from the Kenya Wildlife Service.