Makhosi Khoza disciplinary hearing postponed to Sunday


The disciplinary hearing of African National Congress (ANC) member of Parliament (MP) Makhosi Khoza has been postponed to this coming Sunday, the party has said.

The hearing was supposed to commence on Sunday, but did not.

Khoza's representative reportedly requested more time to prepare as he had only been appointed the night before.

"What happened is that her representative came in and said that he was only appointed late last night," ANC KwaZulu-Natal spokesperson Mdumiseni Ntuli.

Ntuli said that this was rather confusing as Khoza had informed the ANC disciplinary committee that she was in consultation with a representative.

"This on its own is a contradiction to formal correspondence that Comrade Makhosi had made to the ANC DC. She indicated that she was in consultation with her representative, but the one who came was only appointed yesterday. So he pleaded for an extension which we believe was logical," Ntuli said.

The matter has thus been moved to Sunday and is expected to get under at 09:00.

At the same time, the party has dismissed the MP's security concerns about the hearing being held in KwaZulu-Natal as a ploy for public sympathy.

"She wrote both to the Secretary general of the ANC and the provincial secretary. Both of them respectively responded to her request and dismissed that because in their own view there was no substantive reasons provided as to why the hearing should not take place in KZN," Ntuli said.

"Even today, we are convinced that their decision was correct. There was no threat here and nobody attempted to come in support or against comrade Makhosi. So really, her own concerns were to a larger extent very unfounded and in our view, she intended to exaggerate the situation so that she can mobilise for public sympathy."

Khoza was not present at the hearing on Sunday.