WATCH: Hair extensions… for men?


On a daily basis, we women go through various obstacles to try and look our best, whether it’s to impress a guy or to impress that beautiful person staring back at you in the mirror. We would go the extra mile to make sure our makeup is on fleek, our clothes are what’s trending and that our hair is absolutely fabulous, right?

Well now, looking on fleek with the perfect weave is not just for women. It’s for men too!

A video doing the rounds on Facebook pleasantly surprised users when it revealed that a weave for men had been created.

In the video, men with bald spots in the front of their heads are given a new “take on life” when they are introduced to the amazing extensions. But how does it work? The bald spot on the man’s head is shaven and glue is placed perfectly on the section where there is no hair. The weave is then carefully placed on the guy’s head to make sure that it covers the entire shaven area. The weave is then cut and shaped to the way the customer wants it and voilà you’ll look ten years younger!

Watch the video below!