Fenty Beauty has fans going crazy!


It’s been five days since Rihanna launched her brand new cosmetic line Fenty Beauty and fans still can’t stop singing the Barbadian beauty’s praises!

Social media flooded with news about Rihanna’s latest project when the cosmetics line launched on September 8.

The new line includes 40 shades of foundation, highlighters, concealing-and-correcting sticks, brushes in various shapes and sizes, blotting papers and powder, and a single, universal lip gloss.

What got most fans attention was the fact that Rihanna catered for girls of different skin tones with her 40 unique shades of foundation. Beginning from extremely light to deep dark shades.

It was also revealed that the darker shades were the first to be completely sold out.

One fan added a snap of the darker shades being completely empty on the shelf.

Fans were also extremely impressed with the fact that Rihanna used her own makeup line on the models for her Fenty spring 2018 collection at New York Fashion Week.

If you haven’t heard about Rihanna’s cosmetic line that is driving fans totally crazy then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

Check out some of the praise from fans on social media below!