Travel company offers tips on becoming a travel blogger


Popular travel website Travelstart has launched a how-to guide for aspiring travel bloggers.

Travelstart partnered with a number of well-known bloggers to set up the guide.

Contributors to the guide include The Roaming Giraffe‘s Di Brown, My Lime Boots‘ Ryan Enslin, 2 Summers‘ Heather Mason, Going Somewhere Slowly‘s Anje Rautenbach, The Incidental Tourist Dawn Jorgensen, In Africa and Beyond‘s Sara Essop, SpiceGoddess Verushka Ramasami and The Travel Manuel‘s Lauren Manuel McShane.

The guide covers much ground, from how to get the ball rolling, to starting the blog, as well as registration tips, tips on content creation and photography and so much more.

Why don’t you let loose your fingers, give voice to the words demanding to be let out and release your hidden Paul Theroux!

The tips can be found here.

Let your fingers start doing the talking now!