#TravelTuesday Things to know when travelling alone


Sometimes you have to take that vacation alone because hey we all need some good me time.

When taking a vacation alone there a few things you need to remember – the usual security checks and also making sure you’ve got your map skills on lockdown.

Here are five things that we feel you should consider on your next trip abroad or locally.

1. Make sure someone close knows your movements

Safety is key! Make sure your friends and family know where you will be staying, flight times etc. It’s important that someone in your circle knows the basic details of your trip, just in case anything happens.

2. Easy access to important documents

Make sure your ID, passport or any travel documents are always in a place where you will be able to remember and have easy access to. You can even store documents on your cloud just so you know they are safe somewhere.

3. Bring something to occupy you (book, iPod)

There will be moments of mini-boredom make sure you have something to keep you occupied. Yes, it’s time to read that book you have been saying you want to read. Download all your favourite music so you let loose whenever you want to.

4. Exchange your money

If travelling abroad make sure you change your rands into the correct currency, even take a moment to learn the currency before the trip. If you travelling locally make sure you have enough money for your entire trip.

5. Have fun

Lastly, enjoy the moment. Have fun!