WATCH: Mob beat up Nigerian man in Delhi


WARNING: Contains graphic footage.

A video showing a man being beaten up by a mob in Delhi, India, has gone viral.


The video shows a black man tied to a pole, while a number of other men beat him with sticks.

According to television station NDTV, the man was a Nigerian national and the mob attacked him because he was caught attempting to rob a house in Malviya Nagar in south Delhi.

The area is popular with African students living in the city, the station says.

He was reportedly arrested and jailed following the brutal assault. His attackers not.

According to reports, he was caught inside the house of a resident, Krishna Kuma, in the early hours of September 24.

Kuma said a noise woke him up.

The man sustained injuries to his head, face, limbs and back.

Police told NDTV that he was treated at a hospital, and then appeared before a judge who ordered him sent to jail.

The neighbourhood told police that the man was injured when he fell down a flight of stairs trying to escape.

The video tells a different story.

NDTV reports the police as saying that action will be taken against his attackers.