City of Cape Town: ‘Swine flu Whatsapp text is a hoax’


The City of Cape Town has confirmed that a message doing the rounds on Whatsapp saying that there is swine flu in eggs is a hoax. 

The message claims that a local retailer has pulled egg stock from the shelves following the swine flu outbreak. 

"Important notice.. (Retailer) in Vangate mall took their eggs off the shelves.its reported the swine flu virus was found in the please people avoid eggs and chicken all together and spread this message as far as possible you could safe a life.wheather you choose to believe it or not rather safe than sorry..pass on please (sic)," the message reads. 

The City released a statement reassuring the public that the message is a hoax. 

"We can confirm that the message is a hoax and would like to reassure the public that there is no risk to humans associated with consumption of eggs or chicken."

Environmental Health Practitioners later said that the retailer has in fact run out of stock but this was not because of the swine flu outbreak.