Grace Mugabe echoes calls for her husband to fire his deputy and appoint her instead


The Zanu-PF Youth League has urged Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe to fire his deputy, Emmerson Mnangagwa, and replace him with his wife, Grace Mugabe.

According to the state-owned Herald newspaper, the youth wing of Zimbabwe's ruling party has called on the president to "urgently" remove Mngangagwa as his deputy at both party and government level.

The league told the president that the country's first lady was the only leader with "unquestionable loyalty" to the president and the party.

The youth league's comments follow on a call issued by the first lady, urging her husband to fire his deputy.

On Saturday, a visibly angry Mugabe threatened to fire Mnangagwa. The president was angry because Mnangagwa's supporters had heckled the first lady at a rally held in Bulawayo.

Mugabe told his deputy and his supporters to either show him loyalty or risk losing their jobs.

The first lady, who is the head of the Zanu-PF Women's League, told members of indigenous church groups at a rally in Harare on Sunday that Mnangagwa was responsible for sowing division in the party.

"The snake must be hit on the head. We must deal with the real snake behind the factions and discord in the party. We are going for the congress as a united party," she said.

She further called on her husband to appoint her as his successor.

"I say to Mr Mugabe you should… leave me to take over your post. Have no fear. If you want to give me the job, give it to me freely," she urged.

In a further sign that Mnangagwa's political life was hanging by a thread, two significant Zanu-PF regions, Mashonaland Central and Bulawayo, on  Sunday resolved to ask the president to remove his deputy for reportedly undermining him, the Herald reports.

The party is scheduled to hold it's elective congress in December, where it is expected to amend its constitution to assign one of the two vice president posts to a woman.

It is largely expected that Grace Mugabe will fill the role, thereby increasing her chances of succeeding her husband.